2019 is Lookin' Bright!

Okay, so 2018 kinda got away from us… but 2019 is looking bright!


In full disclosure, here’s the quick(ish) version of why we took a break last year, from me to you:

I’ve always wanted this market to be about YOU. I very rarely share photos or stories of myself and so when a few personal things came into play last year, they weren’t the easiest to discuss here. But ultimately, this market doesn’t run itself. A human runs it, and that human is me. And I do get help from a few other humans from time to time, but still… we’re humans.

We planned for a short break in spring of 2018 after realizing just how many markets there are in the area — we wanted to step back, reassess, and come back refreshed. Also, burnout is real, folks. It’s okay to take a break when you need it.

We had two out of town wedding trips on the books for a best friend and a brother! Exciting. Perfectly timed with our intended break.

Then my grandfather got very sick. That was not at all in the cards. And it hit me really really hard. Like, horribly hard.

I opened a summer pop up with a friend — aptly named after my grandfather. ARAY was a beautiful space and a lovely, necessary distraction.

We partnered with Hopscotch again in September to host our best day party yet on Fayetteville Street.

Then, we relaxed a bit… played it semi-cool, worked, did the things.

And then I lost my full-time job. Honestly, it wasn’t such a bad thing though.

I updated my portfolio and I launched kaus creative in an effort to provide polished visual branding for fellow creatives. So now I’m freelancing and still making jewelry for bird + beau… and looking forward to bringing back regularly scheduled Makers Markets!

And so, in short, that sums up the pause that was 2018. We’re ready to play again!

xo, Kristin

We Hear You!

Mega thanks to those who've already taken the time to respond to our survey -- we hear you!


Your feedback is super important to us + we really mean that.  Some of your suggestions are already in the works, while others will be taken into consideration for upcoming events.

One of our primary reasons for taking a break this season was to re-coop + reassess how to make MMs better for you.  If you'd like to contribute your ideas via the survey, it's still open.  Find it here.  (It's totally anonymous + takes just a few minutes.)

We thank you for your support + patience as we navigate through this market adventure!

Back at It

We've missed you.  It's true.  While hitting the snooze button on hibernation this year was kinda nice, this warm weather has us feeling re-energized and we wanna hang out.


We're looking at options for upcoming markets and can't wait to share some exciting ideas with you soon!  Meanwhile, we're over here in the background making some updates to the site, brainstorming, and getting pretty pumped for the months ahead.

And because we'd love your input, we've set up a quick survey to get some real feedback from you on how to make MM really shine this year.  Find it here.  Here's your chance to help make 2018 markets amazing -- we appreciate it!

Snail Mail a Little Love

We've been making big plans for 2017 and our first market is just around the corner.  We're especially excited to feature a variety of charitable organizations in a variety of ways this year.  We hope that these new projects and partnerships will be well-received by this awesome community of makers + shakers -- YOU!

This weekend we're featuring the work of Amy Richards Illustration in support of The National Compassion Fund.  Amy designed her "Rainbow Orange Slice" postcard shortly after the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub last June.  She has donated every cent from the sale of these cards and even ships them free of charge.

To help spread the word + the love, we're offering a limited number of these (with postage) to all who wish to send one to a friend from the market.  Come by our new MM table to fill yours out + drop it in our table top mailbox -- we'll apply postage and ship them on Monday!

For each card sent, we will donate $2 to the National Compassion Fund.  You help a good cause, someone receives some happy snail mail, and the families of victims in mass casualty crimes will feel a little extra compassion straight from the heart of our great state.  It's a win, win, win! 

Design Contest -- We Want YOU!

One of our newest + most exciting brainstorms of 2017: we're designing new Makers Market merch!  And... we want you, the makers, to have a hand in the making of some new tees, totes, etc.  So we're hosting a contest!

Why we are so excited over MM merch (and why you should be too):

  • MM designed merch will bring awareness to the market + maker community.
  • The purchase of said merch will allow us to give back to our community in various ways.
  • Tees + totes + more will make for the occasional fun giveaway for attendees.
  • Our (YOUR) designs will look super cool on all these new goodies.

Also, we'll dole out fifty bucks per winning design (yes, there could be more than one)!  Makers submitting a winning design will also be awarded one product with their printed design and one market fee waived (for dates through August). 

Rules of entry:

  • Designs will be judged on creativity, practicality + execution.  This means original designs, that easily translate to various products, and are well designed (preferably vector files).
  • Design will not include more than 2 colors.
  • File types accepted are .ai, .psd, or .pdf.  (IF you have a great idea, but either cannot or do not want to design it... email us.  If we like it, we'll talk.)
  • Entries accepted through Friday, February 17th.
  • Email entries to kristin@raleighmm.com.
  • Winning designs will be represented by the Makers Market with credit given to the artist; however, artist shall not reproduce the design for sale elsewhere.

So c'mon, show us what you've got!

November MM // feat. Gabriel David

Join us Saturday, November 5th, from 12-4 with over 20 artists + local musician Gabriel David!!! 

This market we'll be celebrating with Peony + Fern, Bibliopathologist, Feather + Stone, Suzanne McDermott, Cotton Piken Restoration, Lauren Amos Designs, Hope Glows, Erin Stesch, Uncaged Artistry, Good Juju Herbal, While Odin Sleeps, The Plum Umbrella, Afternoon Owl, Humbly Made, The Noble Woodsman, Wicks for Wags, Strung Outt, Woodcrafty, Killer Toffee, Flutter Letterpress, bird + beau, and Wicked + Woven! 

We can't wait to see you there!  Find sneak peek pics on Instagram + Facebook.  See you at the garden.  Cheers!

We're MMMoving!

That's right, the Makers Market is moving locations!  And we're so very thrilled to announce that come October 1st, our new first Saturday spot will be the Raleigh Beer Garden!!!

Though we have thoroughly enjoyed our markets at Benelux, we are excited to grow MM at the Raleigh Beer Garden; their event field is a fantastic open space with games, picnic tables, + gorgeous views of downtown!

After scouting out the space, we knew this would be a perfect fit + we just know you'll love it too!  Not to mention the beers and the burgers.  Mmm!  You'll definitely be hearing more about the new space + markets to come, but go ahead and mark your calendars for our first event at the Garden on October 1st!  We can't wait to celebrate with you!!!

The Raleigh Beer Garden is located at 614 Glenwood Avenue near the intersection of Peace Street.

Makers, have you applied for Fall dates yet?  Get yours in now... go here!

The Market is Growing!

If I'm being entirely honest, I never fully anticipated the Makers Market becoming what it has.  It was October of 2014 and a casual conversation led to an Instagram post asking friends to gather for a pop up weekend.  With about twelve makers and a live band in a salon parking lot, MM was born.

Fast forward to almost two years later and the market has grown into a thriving monthly event.  In fact, it's growing so much so, we feel we may be outgrowing our space!

The market wouldn't be where it is without all of you, our makers, musicians, + supporters!  Not to say our work isn't cut out for us on the back end too.  We listen, absorb, brainstorm, + try to evolve in ways that will foster a lively atmosphere for attendees + a successful event for makers.

We've been at our Benelux location for over a year and a half and have just loved setting up in the breezeway -- some days more than windy others!  As the market continues to grow, we want to do our best to keep up, so... after much consideration, we've decided to move the market!

It will be a bittersweet market THIS Saturday as we celebrate our last MM in Cameron Village -- be sure to come by from 10-2 to say hi!

And Wednesday we're announcing our new location!  Stay tuned...

Welcoming Matt to MM!

This year has been flying by!  It's been great so far and very busy too.  So I'm not only excited, but very thankful, to welcome my husband, Matt, to the Makers Market team!  For those of you who don't know him or even me for that matter, here we are.  (Kinda cheesy to share a pic, but hey, we're the faces behind the market, that help all your faces shine!)

Matt is officially our Music Coordinator now!  It's a perfect fit since Matt's been in bands since before we met + is currently in one of my faves, The Antique Hearts.  Architect by day and drummer by night, now he has a new shiny title to add to his resume.  Let's welcome him to MM!!!

So... bands, musicians, singers, + songwriters, hit him up at music@raleighmm.com to book a market day with us.  We're currently booking Fall dates + would love to have you! 

2016 Application is OPEN!

The 2016 application is now OPEN through August!  We're excited to see returning makers + new faces too!  Can't wait to see you in 2016!

A few notes on the application process for the newcomers:

  • You can select market dates through August.  This only expresses your interest in that month + does not commit you to having to attend. 
  • Makers will receive invites via email per market ahead of time, at which point you can confirm your participation.
  • Once you have submitted your application, it is possible to update it, but it's not necessary to submit others.

Weekend Hangs

We're going to miss you this weekend -- we're taking a break July 4th to relax + enjoy the sunshine with our friends + families and we hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend!


If you just don't know what to do with yourself without the Makers Market to attend, here's a list of our top weekend hangs coming up:

TONIGHT:  Local Beer Local Band at TirNaNog with some of our faves, Eric + Erica!  They performed at our last market + tonight they play with Rebekah Todd + the Oblations, as well as The Stonewall Vessels.

TOMORROW:  First Friday hangs at VAE, bluegrass at Capitol Smoke, street festivities near Times + likely a pop-in to Slim's, Fox, or Landmark.

SATURDAY:  The Durham Patchwork Market is braving the 4th, so grab a beer at FullSteam + check out lots of makers!  Then head downtown Raleigh for fireworks + revelry.  (Though we may trade the crowds, for the pool!)

SUNDAY:  Chill out with a cold drink from Benelux + a movie date to see Jurassic World at IMAX!

MONDAY:  Settle back easily into the work week with a Rose' tasting at Faire, just down from our usual market spot in Cameron Village!

NEXT SATURDAY:  Check out some of fave makers at Sola's 2nd Saturday Pop-Up in North Raleigh!

Where will you be this weekend?  Share with us + let's hang out!

Bring on the Weekend

We're so ready for the weekend!  There's so much going on + we're pumped for a multitude of reasons.

The Ignite Conference starts Friday at VAE -- yay!  Who's gonna be there?

Things'll be bumpin' downtown for First Friday, including the usual near Times where some of our fave makers set up.  Check them out.  Catch the Launch gallery at VAE.  And maybe even make your way over to Capitol Smoke for some bluegrass jams.

SATURDAY grab a mimosa (or coffee) at Benelux and ease into your day with a jaunt through the market in Cameron Village!  This month features another round of great artists (we don't just say this, you know -- it's true!) and live music by Eric + Erica.  They're She & Him-esque (love.) -- fantastic and worth waking up by lunchtime for, so don't party too hard Friday night.

Then Saturday evening, one of our previous bands plays at Deep South.  Join The Antique Hearts for a night out along with three other musical acts. 

There are good times to be had, folks.  Let's hang out.

A Day of Awesome

This last market was our best yet weather-wise and the makers were equally as phenomenal as the sunshine and warm breeze!  Johnny Buscemi played a long couple of sets to really round out the day!  


If you missed out Saturday, click through any of the photos below to shop these fantastic local makers!

Shop more goodness next month on June 6th!