An Introduction of Sorts


Pretty soon -- March 7th, to be exact -- artists will be rising early to set up shop at our first market of 2015!  (And, thank goodness, Benelux will be there to caffeinate us all.)  Mega thanks to Benelux Coffee for working with us to host the Raleigh Makers Market this year!

Since we're making this super official with this fancy new website and all, it seems fitting to introduce myself + the lovely folks who have and are making these markets happen!

I'm Kristin, drinker of good coffee, supporter of handmade, maker of bird + beau, and founder of this here market.  Last October after having a conversation with Roi Parker about art + whatnot, I coordinated the first market held at his salon in Cameron Village.  It was so great we decided to make it a monthly event; however, just prior to December we got word that we'd have to shut it down.  Well, that simply wasn't an option...

Wanting to keep the market in the area and sticking with our "support local" vibe, I met with Steve at Benelux in hopes of joining forces.  Thankfully, he thought it was a brilliant plan too.  Despite the cold and a little rain, our first event in the new spot was well received + we're anxious to make it even better for 2015!

With grand ideas of growing this year, I found myself an exceptional sidekick: Becky!  She's a connoisseur of desserts, tweeter of local goodness, maker of Uncaged Artistry, and now much appreciated co-organizer of MM.  She's been helping brainstorm all sorts of ideas for making these markets as awesome as they can possibly be.  Just you wait!

Big thanks to everyone who has vended, promoted, friended, and supported MM thus far -- we can't wait to see you soon!

xo, Kristin

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