Bring on the Weekend

We're so ready for the weekend!  There's so much going on + we're pumped for a multitude of reasons.

The Ignite Conference starts Friday at VAE -- yay!  Who's gonna be there?

Things'll be bumpin' downtown for First Friday, including the usual near Times where some of our fave makers set up.  Check them out.  Catch the Launch gallery at VAE.  And maybe even make your way over to Capitol Smoke for some bluegrass jams.

SATURDAY grab a mimosa (or coffee) at Benelux and ease into your day with a jaunt through the market in Cameron Village!  This month features another round of great artists (we don't just say this, you know -- it's true!) and live music by Eric + Erica.  They're She & Him-esque (love.) -- fantastic and worth waking up by lunchtime for, so don't party too hard Friday night.

Then Saturday evening, one of our previous bands plays at Deep South.  Join The Antique Hearts for a night out along with three other musical acts. 

There are good times to be had, folks.  Let's hang out.

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