2019 is Lookin' Bright!

Okay, so 2018 kinda got away from us… but 2019 is looking bright!


In full disclosure, here’s the quick(ish) version of why we took a break last year, from me to you:

I’ve always wanted this market to be about YOU. I very rarely share photos or stories of myself and so when a few personal things came into play last year, they weren’t the easiest to discuss here. But ultimately, this market doesn’t run itself. A human runs it, and that human is me. And I do get help from a few other humans from time to time, but still… we’re humans.

We planned for a short break in spring of 2018 after realizing just how many markets there are in the area — we wanted to step back, reassess, and come back refreshed. Also, burnout is real, folks. It’s okay to take a break when you need it.

We had two out of town wedding trips on the books for a best friend and a brother! Exciting. Perfectly timed with our intended break.

Then my grandfather got very sick. That was not at all in the cards. And it hit me really really hard. Like, horribly hard.

I opened a summer pop up with a friend — aptly named after my grandfather. ARAY was a beautiful space and a lovely, necessary distraction.

We partnered with Hopscotch again in September to host our best day party yet on Fayetteville Street.

Then, we relaxed a bit… played it semi-cool, worked, did the things.

And then I lost my full-time job. Honestly, it wasn’t such a bad thing though.

I updated my portfolio and I launched kaus creative in an effort to provide polished visual branding for fellow creatives. So now I’m freelancing and still making jewelry for bird + beau… and looking forward to bringing back regularly scheduled Makers Markets!

And so, in short, that sums up the pause that was 2018. We’re ready to play again!

xo, Kristin

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