The Market for Makers

Fueled by the desire to empower makers and encourage community, we are evolving to become more than just a market, but a resource, asset, and hub for creatives.

We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly over the last five years. It’s true. And we’re here to keep it real for you. We’ve been on both sides of the market scene, we’ve grown, we’ve taken breaks, we’ve cried, we’ve celebrated, and we’ve ridden the waves of this handmade life. And now, we evolve.

When this market was founded in 2014, it was only the second regularly scheduled monthly market in the city. And to be honest, we didn’t set out to be anything more than a one time, fun in the sun, parking lot party with a handful of makers and live music. But the people spoke and we listened.

Heading into 2018 and hearing the unspoken words of a bustling scene loud and clear, we slowed down, took a breather, and gave space to the multitude of markets on the rise. We’ve spent the last several months digging deep, regrouping, and pinpointing what it is we love about this community and how we can best serve our fellow makers.

We’re here to collaborate. We’re here to showcase the talent that lies in your very hands. We’re here to have the hard discussions. We’re here to celebrate your smallest of wins. We’re here to empower you as makers with tools to grow and a platform to share. We’re here to encourage community through social connections and local gatherings. We’re here for YOU.

We are the market for makers — by makers.