Design Contest -- We Want YOU!

One of our newest + most exciting brainstorms of 2017: we're designing new Makers Market merch!  And... we want you, the makers, to have a hand in the making of some new tees, totes, etc.  So we're hosting a contest!

Why we are so excited over MM merch (and why you should be too):

  • MM designed merch will bring awareness to the market + maker community.
  • The purchase of said merch will allow us to give back to our community in various ways.
  • Tees + totes + more will make for the occasional fun giveaway for attendees.
  • Our (YOUR) designs will look super cool on all these new goodies.

Also, we'll dole out fifty bucks per winning design (yes, there could be more than one)!  Makers submitting a winning design will also be awarded one product with their printed design and one market fee waived (for dates through August). 

Rules of entry:

  • Designs will be judged on creativity, practicality + execution.  This means original designs, that easily translate to various products, and are well designed (preferably vector files).
  • Design will not include more than 2 colors.
  • File types accepted are .ai, .psd, or .pdf.  (IF you have a great idea, but either cannot or do not want to design it... email us.  If we like it, we'll talk.)
  • Entries accepted through Friday, February 17th.
  • Email entries to
  • Winning designs will be represented by the Makers Market with credit given to the artist; however, artist shall not reproduce the design for sale elsewhere.

So c'mon, show us what you've got!

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