The Makers Market is an unique experience for the local community, curating the best quality handmade goods + showcasing local music.

SHAKERS:  If you've ever shared the event online, told a friend (or stranger) about the market, or bought handmade goods from our makers -- we thank you.  You're a shaker, you make this market thing go round, + we need more people like you to come hang out.  Find the full schedule above + make plans to grab lunch, listen to local tunes, + chill with some really cool folks.
MAKERS:  You're awesome.  A market without makers would be, well, nothing at all.  We've had so much fun getting to know so many NC makers + we can't wait to meet even more.  We can’t wait to work with you!
MUSICIANS:  If the makers are the heart of the market, you guys are the soul.  We've lucked out featuring some real rock stars + look forward to booking more local acts for upcoming dates.  Please email us directly if you're interested in playing a future market.
SPONSORS:  A lot goes into the making of a Makers Market + we are always working to make it even better.  We've set up a few different sponsorship opportunities that we'd love to chat with you about.